The Gasp JS

Can you turn them all over?

What is "Le Gasp JS" ?

A few months ago, I discovered an article and a listing in Basic published in the April/May 1985 issue of Jeux & Stratégie. It is a small puzzle game which is a mixture of Reverso and Othello. You have a board with 16 two-coloured pieces forming a 4 x 4 square. The aim is to turn over all the pieces according to one rule: when you designate a piece, its 8 neighbours change colours but it keeps its own. A few pages later, the magazine adapted the board game to Basic. It was nothing great, it was a "text mode" game that we would call today a "console mode" game. In my version, which can be played online for free and without installing any application, the pieces have been replaced by cards, but the principle is still the same: When you point to a card, its 8 neighbours are turned over except for it.

According to the magazine I quoted above, there are 6, 8 and 10 shot solutions !

Can you turn them all over?
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If you are curious, the source code of the JS version is available on GitHub :

The Gasp (VB.Net version)

There is also a version that can be played without an internet connection via a small application available on Little extra: You can choose a 4 x 4 grid or a 5 x 5 grid depending on the level of difficulty you want.

Capture d'écran de la version développée en VB.Net du jeu 'Le Gasp' Capture d'écran de la version développée en VB.Net du jeu 'Le Gasp'